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How to access prepaid card

We use prepaid cards as an alternative to a refund. We use prepaid cards as a way to get money immediately to you since some of our online merchants do not share your payment information with us, such as your credit card number, etc. 

How do I use my prepaid card? 

  1. After your claim has been approved, you will receive an email with the prepaid card information. 
  2. You will then be prompted to activate your card. 
  3. Once activated, you can start spending with any institution that accepts MasterCard. 

Activating your Prepaid Card:

  • You can activate your card by following this link
  • You will need to have your card number or code that has been emailed to you available. 

Running into Issues?

If you have any questions or issues concerning your rewards, you can contact customer support through the toll-free number listed below:

1-888-371-2109  U.S and Canada(toll free)
1-339-234-6415 Outside the U.S. and Canada(tolls apply)

If you have any problems in receiving your initial prepaid card, please contact Route.