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How to check the status of a claim

Once you’ve filed a claim on a Route-protected order, you will receive email updates from our team to keep you updated on progress.

You may also check on your claim’s progress any time, anywhere, by following the instructions below. 

    1. Go to our Resolve Center:
        • Open the Route mobile app > go to the Orders tab > tap the order to open the Order Summary > tap the box indicating your Route Package Protection
        • From your order confirmation email, tap the “Resolve an Issue” link

Please note: The sender on the email will be displayed as “[Brand or Retailer name] Via Route”

    1. If your email and order number are not autofilled, enter the information into the respective fields
    2. In the Claim Updates section at the top of the page, find the claim you wish to review.

Note: The claim status and the date of the last update will be noted briefly on this page

    1. To view more details on the status of your claim, tap or click the claim to open the Claim Summary page 

Confused about the status update provided? For more information, read What does my claim status mean?