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What does my claim status mean?

When you file a claim through Route, we like to keep you up-to-date throughout the issue resolution process. Below are the status updates you may receive from our team, and some guidance about what they each mean.

Pending Review: Your claim has been filed ahead of our accepted time frames. Our team will review your claim once it is eligible.

In Review: Our team is hard at work reviewing the details of your claim.

Approved: The claim has been approved for a refund, reorder, or other resolution, and will soon be resolved.

Resolved: The claim has been approved, and a refund, reorder, or other resolution has been completed.

Cancelled: The claim was cancelled for one of the following reasons: 

    • A lost package had a new tracking update post-filing
    • The lost order arrived after filing, or is available for pickup
    • The package is on its way back to the sender (tracking shows "return to sender")
    • The order has yet to be fulfilled and shipped by the brand or retailer 

Not Approved: The claim was denied because it doesn't fall under Route’s Shipping Protection Policies or within our deadlines for submitting claims, including:

    • Claim filed outside of the protected timeframe
    • Manufacturing defect
    • Cancelled order
    • Order held in customs
    • Incorrect address provided by customer
    • Invalid police report if one was requested by our team
    • Demonstrable fraud detected during the assessment of the claim

Questions about why your claim was denied? We can help.

Note: In all cases in which Route is unable to cover your order, we recommend reaching out to the brand or retailer for further assistance.