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How Route’s claims process works

Just as you can report when your order is lost, stolen, or damaged in a matter of moments, we can resolve the issue quickly too—instantly, even. On any day, at any time. That’s 24/7, 365 service. Here’s how it works. 

As soon as you file a claim on a Route-protected order in our Resolve Center, we assess the issue against Route’s policies to determine whether it qualifies under our coverage. 

If it does, Route automatically initiates whichever resolution you selected during the claims filing process—a replacement order, refund, store credit, etc.—using our proprietary Automatic Instant Resolution technology. And if it doesn’t qualify, you’ll be notified that your request has been denied and why

For any issue that cannot be automatically resolved, typically because essential information is missing from the claim, we have an efficient process to get the claim solved, usually in a matter of hours. Our team reviews these issues with great care, and will reach out if needed to have your issue solved as quickly as possible.

Either way, everything should be wrapped up fast, so you can relax knowing a replacement is on its way or the money you spent is back in your pocket. Fast, easy, simple. 

You can track the status of your claim at any time, and we’ll also send key updates by email, so you can keep tabs on the progress all along the way.

Learn more about our refunds, reorders, and other resolution options.