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How much does Route Shipping Protection cost?

Route is a package tracking and shipping protection provider. We support brands by protecting their customer’s online orders from damage, loss, and theft. If something goes wrong, customers (that’s you!) can quickly and conveniently resolve their issue in just a few steps. And, they can track all their orders in one place via our mobile app. 

When a brand or retailer partners with Route, our Shipping Protection offering appears on your order’s checkout and/or cart page, along with a small fee to protect your order and the option to opt in or out of our coverage. 

The amount you spend to protect your order with Route is determined by a range of factors: your order’s subtotal (the cost of the order before shipping and taxes), the nature of the items included in the order (for example, a heavy and delicate glass table versus a few cotton t-shirts), as well as the shipping method.

Typically, the fee adds up to a few dollars: a flat-rate for orders under $100, and a small percentage of the order subtotal for higher priced orders. Overall, it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind that Route offers to ensure you and your order are well taken care of. 

That means better protection for your stuff, quick resolutions should something go wrong, and no lengthy (and often disappointing) claims process with the shipping carrier.