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How to file a claim

If your order was lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit, we make it easy for you to resolve the issue in just a few steps. Here’s how.

    1. Go to our Resolve Center:
        • In the Route mobile app, go to the Orders tab > find the order you need to file a claim for > tap the menu > tap Help
        • From your order confirmation email, tap the “File a Claim” link
        • Or, click here
    1. If your email and order number are not autofilled, enter the information into the respective fields
    2. Select the item(s) you are filing the claim for 

Please note: For orders containing multiple items, you may file a single claim if the entire order was affected by the same issue, or multiple individual claims if only certain items were affected.

    1. Select the corresponding issue type 

Please note: Selecting “Where’s my package?” will first provide you with a tracking update. If the order is eligible, as determined by our policies and guidelines, you will have the option to report an issue (lost or stolen).

If you select “Issues other than loss, theft, or damage” and the problem is a fulfillment error (such item not as expected, item in wrong color or size, or items missing from your order), we will refer you to the brand or retailer. To assist in this process, Route offers an email template that you can copy-paste and customize to alert the brand or retailer of your issue.

    1. Verify your phone number 
    2. Provide issue details, including photos (if prompted) and a description of what happened to your package
    3. Select your resolution preference 
    4. Provide the required information to initiate the refund or reorder
    5. Review and certify your claim 
    6. Submit your claim

After submitting, the page will display your Claim Summary with details on the claim. You can return to this page at any time by going to (directly or via your claim confirmation email) to check for updates. We will also send status updates via email when your claim is successfully filed, approved, and resolved. 

Learn more about how our claims process works, and your refund or replacement options.