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The shipping address is incorrect on my order. What should I do?

Should you need to change the shipping address on an existing order for any reason, including if the wrong address is listed on the order, please follow the instructions below.

If your order has not yet shipped

Please contact the brand or retailer you purchased from directly and request that they adjust the information. Orders that have not yet shipped may show the tracking status “Electronic Shipping Info Received,” “Shipment information sent,” “Not Found,” “Pre-shipment,” or “Label Created.” If you do not yet have a tracking number, your order has not been fulfilled (meaning it is still being processed and packaged). Please contact the brand or retailer request that they adjust the shipping information.

If your order has already shipped

Please contact the shipping carrier responsible for your package (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.). They may be able to redirect it to the correct address while in transit. We recommend having your tracking number and address information on hand. 

You can find your order information and tracking status in the Route mobile app, or in order emails sent from the brand or retailer you purchased from.

To view order info and status in the Route mobile app:

    1. Go to the Orders tab from bottom menu
    2. Tap your order to access the Order Summary 
    3. Tap All Updates 

Note: Route is a package tracking and shipping protection provider. We support brands by protecting their customer’s online orders from damage, loss, and theft. If something goes wrong, customers (that’s you!) can quickly and conveniently resolve their issue in just a few steps. And, they can track all their orders in one place via our mobile app. 

Due to the nature of our relationship with each brand and retailer, Route cannot make adjustments to your order details, such as editing your shipping address or canceling your order