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How to share your order tracking with others

The Route mobile app offers a seamless way to keep track of all of your orders in one place. That means you can shop anywhere and get real-time status updates with Route. For free. 

You can also use it to share your order tracking information with anyone you choose. They’ll be able to monitor status and receive notifications, so you’ll both know exactly where the package is at every step in its journey, whether you’re headed out of town and need a neighbor to monitor your packages or sending something special to a friend.

Please note: Recipients will need to download the free Route mobile app and create an account to view order details and receive shipping updates.

To share tracking information:

    1. Open the app 
    2. Tap the Orders tab from the bottom menu 
    3. Find the order you wish to share 
    4. Tap the ⋮ menu 
    5. Tap Share 
    6. Select your preferred share method (copy link, text message, email, WhatsApp, and more) 
    7. Share with your chosen recipient

Once the recipient opens the link you shared, you will receive a notification from the app confirming that the order has been shared successfully.