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A guide to the notarization process with OneNotary

In certain circumstances during the claims process, Route may request an online notarized incident statement. (Read our FAQ about notarization.) 

To assist you in this process, Route provides access to OneNotary, our online notarization partner. This service is free for you to use, and enables you to complete the entire notarization process quickly, easily, and securely from the comfort of your own home.

What you will need

  • A smartphone or tablet with a camera and internet connection
  • A laptop or computer with an internet connection (suggested, but not required)
  • Your government issued photo ID
  • Your social security number, if applicable (use biometrics option if not applicable)
  • Your order number
  • Your digital incident report document, which OneNotary provides during the notarization session

OneNotary process at a glance 

You will receive an email from Route Support in response to your claim indicating that we need an online notarized incident statement. In that email, there is a link to a OneNotary session, which will walk you through the process of obtaining the notarized form. You will enter your email address, accept an invitation to start the notarization process sent to your inbox, fill out the required incident statement form, and join a live video session with a notary who will verify your identity and notarize the form. The entire process should take roughly 10 minutes to complete. Once complete, Route Support will be automatically notified, and someone from our team will continue processing your claim.

OneNotary process in detail 

    1. Open email from Route Support stating that we require a claim incident statement form 
    2. Click or copy-paste link to begin session with OneNotary
    3. Fill in your email > Click Get Started 
    4. Check email for invitation from OneNotary to online notarization session > Click Get Started 
    5. Fill in Route claim incident statement form > Click Next
    6. Review Terms of Service > Check box to agree > Click Proceed to Camera & Connection Check
    7. On pop-up window on browser screen, click Allow
    8. Complete camera and connection check > Click Save & Proceed
    9. Fill in identity verification (name, date of birth, home address, social security number) > Click Start
        1. Note: If you reside outside of the U.S. or do not have a social security number, select the “Biometric verification (doesn’t require SSN)” option.

    10. Answer security questions, if provided
    11. Verify photo ID by using the camera on your smartphone to scan QR code, or click Or Proceed With Text Message
    12. Submit pictures of photo ID > Click Proceed
          1. Note: At this point, you have completed all the preparation steps and are ready to meet with a notary. 
    13. Follow instructions to remain on web page and turn up volume to be alerted when notary starts online session > Click Got it 
    14. Join session with notary  
          1. Note: During the session, the notary will ask what document you want notarized, and if you are doing so of your own free will and accord. They will also ask you to show the same photo ID that you previously submitted. You will finish the session by electronically signing the Route claim incident statement form and solemnly swearing that what you have outlined in the document is true and correct.
    15. Rate experience with notary (optional) > Click Complete
          1. Note: Once the session is complete, Route Support will be automatically notified, and someone from our team will respond in the same email thread within 24 hours.
    16. Download notarized forms via the link in email sent from OneNotary to keep for your records, if desired

Note: Completion of the notarization process does not guarantee that the claim will be approved for a resolution. In some cases Route may require additional reporting and/or documentation in order to continue processing the claim