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Amazon and the Route App

This article discusses how to link your Amazon account to the Route app, as well as learn how to add individual Amazon orders manually to your Route App. 

Linking your Amazon account to the Route app allows the app to display
the details of your order such as the item names, quantities, and pictures for all your Amazon orders. Route will not see or store your Amazon username or password.

Linking your Amazon Account
You will link the email address connected to your Amazon account to the Route App when prompted to sign in. 


After signing into the Route App with your Amazon email, you will click Orders, and it will prompt you to sign into Amazon. 


Your Amazon account will then be connected to the Route App after sign in!  
Unlinking your Amazon Account
To sign out of your Amazon account within Route, simply sign out of Route from your mobile device. To do so, visit your Profile Tab, click the gear icon in the top right corner, and scroll down to select Sign Out.

Please reference this article with questions on how to add a manual order to your Route app. 
Manually Adding Amazon Orders
By clicking the + sign in the top right hand corner of your app in the orders tab, you will come across a link that asks if you have an Amazon Order to add. You will then either connect your email address to the email used to link your Amazon account by following the steps above, or click Tracking Number. 


Clicking this tracking number link will lead you through the steps to add an Amazon Order to your Route app.

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