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Adding Manual Orders to the Route App

Please reference this article with questions on how to add a manual order to your Route app. 

Manually Adding an Order There are multiple ways you can manually add an order within your Route app! (IOS & Andriod)

The two main tabs you will use to add an order is the Tracking Tab, and the Orders Tab: 


You can add an order by:

  1. The Add an Order Banner near the bottom of your screen on the Tracking Tab IMG_7793.jpg


  2. Clicking the "+" button near the bottom of your screen on the Tracking Tab IMG_7793.jpg


  3. Clicking the "+" button in the top right corner of the Orders Tab IMG_7794.jpg within the app. 


You can use all three of these options to add an order either by your tracking number or by connecting the email address that is associated with your order. There may also be instances where the app will request Merchant information in connection with your order. 


Once you add all necessary information, your order will be located in the Route app and ready to go!