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How to add an order manually to the app

The Route mobile app offers a seamless way to keep track of all of your orders in one place. That means you can shop anywhere and get real-time status updates with Route. For free. Learn more about tracking with the Route mobile app.

To track your packages automatically in the app, you must connect your email account

To manually add individual orders to track in the app, follow the instructions below. You may also use these instructions to restore an order previously removed from the app.

To manually add orders to the app

    1. Open the app
    2. Go to the Map or Orders tab
    3. Tap the + button 
    4. Tap Tracking Number 
    5. Add the tracking number 

Note: You can add the tracking number manually, by using the Autofill option to scan the number using your device’s camera, or by using the directions for Amazon orders below.

To manually add Amazon orders to the app

    1. Complete steps 1-4 above  
    2. Tap Is this an Amazon order? at bottom of screen 
    3. Open your Amazon tracking email 
    4. Long press the Track Package button 
    5. Select Copy Link
    6. Return to Route mobile app 
    7. Paste link in the “track package link” field 
    8. Tap Return 
    9. Tap Done