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How and when to contact the shipping carrier

In some situations, you’ll need to contact the shipping carrier (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) directly to get answers to your questions or receive help locating or receiving your package. 

Note: Route is a package tracking and shipping protection provider. We support brands by protecting their customers’ online orders from damage, loss, and theft. If something goes wrong, customers (that’s you!) can quickly and conveniently resolve their issue in just a few steps. And, they can track all their orders in one place via our mobile app. 

While we can help you keep tabs on all your packages, and protect it while in transit, we are not a shipping carrier and do not transport or deliver packages.

When to contact the shipping carrier

Please reach out to the carrier in the following situations:

  • Delivery of your package was attempted and needs to be rescheduled
  • If your package is still in transit and the shipping address is incorrect or needs to be adjusted for any reason
  • You receive a notification that your package was seized by law enforcement
  • You did not purchase Route Shipping Protection for your order

For more information on when to contact the shipping carrier, please see What does my tracking status mean?

Where to find shipping carrier information for your package

You can find all tracking information, including the carrier responsible for transporting your package, in the Route mobile app, on the web tracking page linked in the order confirmation email from Route, or in emails sent from the brand or retailer you purchased from. 

While you’re at it, you can find your order’s tracking number—which the carrier will ask for to help identify your package—in all the same locations.

How to contact the shipping carrier

Below are links to common carrier websites to get you started, but you can find contact information for additional carriers on their respective websites.