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What is Route?
Route is a package tracking and shipping protection provider. We support brands by protecting their customers’ online orders from damage, loss, and theft. If something goes wrong, customers (that’s you!) can quickly and conveniently resolve their issue in just a few steps. And, they can track all their orders in one place via our mobile app. 

Why do I need shipping protection?
As more purchases are made online, more packages are getting lost in transit and stolen from doorsteps. The costs can be devastating for consumers and brands alike.

Route offers the option to protect your online orders from damage, loss, and theft with our licensed Shipping Protection. And if something happens, we’re here to help with a fast, convenient resolution. 

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What does the Route mobile app do?
Our mobile app offers a seamless way to keep track of all of your orders in one place. That means you can shop anywhere (even Amazon) and track it anytime, anywhere with Route. Plus, it’s completely free.

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How does your tracking work?
Simply put, we transform everyday shipping information into a dynamic tracking experience full of maps, helpful visuals, timely notifications, and more. You can sync your email to track your packages automatically, or add your orders manually to the app.

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What about my privacy and data?
Your privacy is our top priority. To track all your packages automatically, Route’s mobile app uses read-only access to your email account. This allows us to parse all the relevant shipping information (such as tracking number, shipping carrier, and order number) that we need to track your order in real-time in the app.

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Ok, but I need help with my order. Where’s my package?
See below for a list of articles on how to handle some very common order issues.