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Where is my order?

Route is a package tracking and shipping protection provider. We support brands by protecting their customers’ online orders from damage, loss, and theft. If something goes wrong, customers (that’s you!) can quickly and conveniently resolve their issue in just a few steps. And, they can track all their orders in one place via our mobile app. 

Concerned about your order, and not sure what to do? Use this page to find the most appropriate resource for resolving your specific issue. 

Common order issues and what to do about them

Note: If you purchased Route Shipping Protection and your order was lost, damaged, or broken in transit, please file a claim so we can resolve your issue. 

Troubleshooting package tracking issues in the Route mobile app

Useful package tracking resources

There are several ways for you to track your package’s progress in transit to understand where it is at any given time. 

The Route mobile app

Our mobile app enables you to track all of your online orders in one place—for free. This includes packages not covered by Route Package Protection. To check the status of your orders, use any of the following screens:

    • The Map tab displays the current location of packages in transit. Swipe right and left on the cards to view information for each order. 
    • The Tracker, which slides up from the Map tab, displays the status of all of your packages, including those that have just been placed. 
    • The Orders tab displays details on multiple active and delivered orders at a glance.
    • The Order Summary screen displays full tracking details for each package, including current status, tracking number, shipping carrier details with a link to their website, order item details, and a complete list of tracking checkpoints from the All Updates drop down. Tap on any order from any tab to view.

Route web tracking 

You can monitor your order’s shipping status any time using Route’s web tracking page, which includes your order’s tracking status, its estimated delivery date, and in some cases, personalized product recommendations. You can also resolve any issues on Route-protected orders from this page. 

You can access this page any time via the link in your Route confirmation email, or by clicking on any order tracking link in a Route email from your desktop or laptop. You may also look for this link on the brand or merchant’s order confirmation page, also known as the Thank You page.

Emails from the brand, merchant, or shipping carrier

Commonly, brands and merchants will send emails about your order that contain tracking information, such as order number, tracking number, and the shipping carrier transporting your package (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.). You may also receive these notifications directly from the carrier. 

To view your package’s progress, you can tap or click the tracking link, if provided in the email, or manually copy-paste the tracking number in the appropriate field on the shipping carrier’s website. 

If you didn't receive an email with tracking information, and if there is no tracking information associated with the order displayed in the Route app, please contact the brand or merchant you purchased from directly. Your order may not have been fulfilled yet, and is still being processed.